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Les bas de Noël de Trixie

More news of Sha Rizel

I was stunned by this, new to me girl, Sha Rizel. Her debut at pinupfiles made waves and sparked the fly. Thus, I decided to do my research, as I think a lady with such a great body must had been discovered in the past.The girl was discovered by Satoshi Kizu, the one who introduced Russian legend Yulia Nova. This man has a great taste regarding busy girls. Sha (who went by the name Sophie Nova.... do you see the Yulia Nova link?) was going to have her collection by Satoshi, but its release was delayed. I am not sure if she has some connection with mythical Yulia, but the tits are gorgeus and she has that young look. Only time will tell if she vanishes as Yulia, goes the busty Merilyn way and never do more than dildoing or follows the steps of other Euro Big Ones and go the boy/girl path.

I credit this blog for some of the info

Here I share a picture I find. I don't own it. All rights belong to Satoshi Kizu

UPDATE: I kept on with my research and found that she also went by the name Katya Sidorenko. She has modeled for commercials. Check by yourselves

Wearing a push up top, teasing us. Right: 
Inviting us to sinn. I don't wnat the apple, I'd rather eat the melons
 A very pro picture
 Inviting us to try her and to play with our balls. How many goals would you score? 

Une petite culotte rouge

Sha Rizel wishes us Merry Christmas

As a Christmas gift, before I was turning off my computer to take a shower and get ready for the Christmas dinner rituals I got a message about Sha Rizel, the new STAR from  I noticed the term Sha Rizel in the google searches, but did not mind giving it a glance. My fault. This girl is stunning. Her boobs are the size Merilyn Sakova's and her face is really pretty. Her figure is practically perfect. Name Jordan Carver, Denise Milani or other but this girl's juggs seem to be natural. 2012 ends with a bang and 2013 seems to be Sha Rizel's. To see more of her fot to .I congratulate these guys as they have found a new STAR and now they have Leanne and Sha Rizel to be their frontwomen. Seems thet finally I can add another girl to my favorites list.

Sha Rizel's boobs are the second comming of Merilyn Sakova's
 Bigger than her head
 Did I say they are huge???
 She needs a more hands to hold them. I volunteer
 Now I can go back to the bathroom, but first I have to drop a load.. Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from BoobsRealm.. Winter Pierzina & more

I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas or other festivities I want to wish you the best and share positives energies with all of you. Thank you for visiting the blog. I appreciate your comments and your support. Have a nice evening with you family and/or loved ones and remember the ones who are no longer here.

The BoobsRealm wants to share the best.... BIG BOOBS so you can enjoy more the Eve.
Plus lets welcome to the family which is a blog dedicated to busty amateurs and is now in My favorite Blogs section

Karina Hart drops champagne over her huge juggs
 Ewa Sonnet poses in the perfect titty fuck situation
 From Winter Pierzina's vault.. wearing a sexy costume
 Recent Winter's cleavage
Lucky children... I wanna taste those too
 We need people to sign the petition... maybe funding your career
 Erica Rose Campbell retired, but manage dto get the only post porn picture
 Erica loves her cat, now spends Christmas with her husband after 
converting fully fledged to religion
 Busty amateur self picturing her humongous tits

Danica Collins en corset violet et bas noirs

La culotte de Noël de Danica Collins

BoobsRealm's 2012 review

2012 is the year that I launched this incarnation of BoobsRealm. A better looking blog, but still I have to work harder to get to the Boobs Lovers and share with them the best content possible. This blogspot blog started in April and since then I have had many interviews and got to know many hot and interesting models as well as other bloggers like me who spend some time updating their respective blogs, some just because they love big tits and others because they want to profess their love to their beloved muses.

So this is a summary and also my 2 cents on what has 2012 been to me. First, as you might remember, there was a contest to name the Best Blog dedicated to Big Boobs. Well, I won, but I did not made much publicity because I am the organizer. I didn't started it in order to win, just to get more followers for me and other blogs.Unfortunately, the number of fans was not too high, so I hope next year we will have a better contest. I appreciate all your votes and specially the ones for this blog.

This is the summary: 

Top 5 girls in Boobs Realm in 2012
I have promoted some girls, but overall in the porn world and the google searches there are top 5 that are the ones that has led fans into the blog. Some may be not active, but fans still love them.

Number 5: Annie Keenan
Annie K was exposed as a fraud after tracking her down However, she is still a legend and amny fans wish her tits were real. Despite being inactive, 2012 is a year Annie was still in the news.

Sorry girl, we know the truth

Number 4: Ewa Sonnet
Polish sensation turned singer and then turned back adult model is still a force in the big boobs  universe. In 2012 Ewa came back from hiatus at Fans loved the idea of seeing her pussy, but that never happened. Maybe 2013 is the year or maybe she will go the Denisse Milani route. 

Ewa without panties

Number 3: Renata Daninsky aka Peach
The euro starlet drove many visits to the blog just with her 2 hardcore scenes. everybody wants to watch her taking it in the ass like a champ. She is retired and enjoying life. Probably married and with children, older and her tits may not look the same, but God, she gave us too much to wank to.

Renata Daninsky smiling while getting ass fucked

Number 2: Winter Pierzina
Undoubfully 2012 meant the return of Winter Pierzina, well sort of. I am proud to be the only blogger who has been able to interview her so people could have new info about her and most importantly directly from her mouth. Winter is still a server in Arizona and is now expecting her second child. I wish her the best and hope that she can come back in some capacity. I thought to lift the online petition to bring her back, but I think it has to be there  until she does. Maybe she was not serious about it, but hopefully the Law of Attraction works here.

Those are not photoshopped. 11 out of 10

Number 1: Jordan Carver
For me, Winter was number 1, but after posting some pictures of Jordan Carver's naked tits fans flooded this blog, thus converting her the most valuable model of 2012. According to my friend Leandro, who runs Sexy Big Boobs  Jordan Carver's nipples are erased from picture, therefore we will never ever see them, despite them being actually there.

Wishful thinking

Top 3 porn stars in 2012
I noticed that 5 pornstars have been making waves in this year. 

Number 3: Eva Notty
The MILF who does great scenes for my buddy Nottyboy at his site has taken 2012 by storm.  She has the most perfect not natural tits and does put them into magnificent use.

Number 2: Brooklyn Chase
I had the pleassure to interview this pretty newcomer and she was really sweet. I really like that face. She started late in the business but everybody predicts she will become a main event player sooner than later.

Number 1: Siri
Despite not being promoted in this site, and I don't know why I rarely posted stuff about this STAR, she is (IMO) the biggest asset in the porn industry. She comes off naturally and does everything great. Her scandinavian look make her a doll made of flesh. You are going to see a lot of her stuff here in 2013.
Siri in a Nottyboy video

Top 5 stories of 2012
Number 5: Ewa Sonnet returns.
Number 4: Leanne Crow's pussy picture... was then exposed as a fake
Number 3: Annie Keenan's big boobs are exposed as fake
Number 2: I interviewed my beloved Katerina Koz aka Katerina Hartlova
Number 1: Interview with Queen Winter Pierzina

Katerina looking sexy as always. unfortunately she has a fiance

Top 5 rumors/wishes for 2013
Number 5: Angie Varona starts her own site. She is teasing the fans. Maybe she is just playing
Number 4: Leanne Crow takes her panties off. We need that Leanne.
Number 3: Ewa Sonnet starts doing edgier videos. She has played with her in the latest videos, maybe she is doing more soon.
Number 2: Christy Marks returns. She used her twitter account last month. Hopefully that means something.
Number 1: Winter Pierzina poses for an adult site after giving birth and losing some pounds.

Bonus: Danielle FTV may run a contest to have a scene with a fan

Top 3 dissapointments of 2012
Number 3: Brittany Taylor got implants. Her tits were terrific, now she is another blonde with fake boobs.
Number 2: Haley Cummings blocked me after the interview with her. I still don't know what happened.
Number 1: Merilyn Sakova retired from modeling and is only doing camshows

What to expect in 2013
Number 4: Lots of new interviews. Probably Alexis Amore, Brandi Sparks, a new one with Merilyn Sakova, Haley Morgan and Terri Jane. Looking forward to contact Tessa Rich, Christy Marks, Leanne Crow, Siri and Angie Varona.
Number 3: New sections in the blog. I am gonna delete the forum and create some sections such as: Polls, Girl of the month, Webcam girl of the month, and more. I am open to suggestions
Number 2: More amateur girls. I hope to contact some to debut for me, but that is an ambotious project, but in 2013 I will try to at least to photoshoots with girls. Everything may be free for the fans, btu I would expect donations to support the project.
Number 1: Constant updated in order to position the blog among the bests dedicated to big boobs. My ranking in alexa is better now, but I want to improve it and be able to share with you the best.

Expect Amateurs like these and hopefully I can get them exclusively for the blog




Lady Lucy Gresty sur le capot de la voiture

Dayna Vendetta on Nottyboyxxx

My buddy NottyBoy got to meet some time ago this stunning blonde who performs under the name Dayna Vendetta. NottyBoy is a man who does great things for us, the boobs lovers. He has worked in his unique POV style with Eva Notty, Beverly Paige and Brooklyn Chase, as well as shooting Siri.

Here you can check some excluvise pictures and then you must check the site. The guy is underrated, as he does a great work, and is up to us to share the great work and the amazing cumshots the girls get. Find him 

Gentlemen, and some ladies, Dayna Vendetta...

Dayna posing for NottyBoy
 Dayna is a slim girl, yet busty
 She invites us to try her right tit, would we turn her down?
 Dayna exposing her body wholly naked
 NottyBoy goes for the left tit. Wanna see what happens next? I do; let's go to

MILF Tara en micro bikini

Lady Lucy Gresty en corset violet et bas noirs

MILF Sassafras en Micro Bikini

Danielle en bas devant la baignoire

MILF Lessya en micro bikini

Angela et sa copine se bécotent sur le lit

Milf Leeana en microbikini

Yuta en bas blancs

Milf Kendra en micro bikini

Trixie montre sa culotte bleue dans le jardin

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