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We have always had fantasies that we have dreamed of fulfilling them. However, many circumstances have denied us the possibility to get to achieve our goal. The most common factor is MONEY. With money we can travel around thw world, buy what we want and even went out with the girl of our dreams. Some internet sites have helped artist, charitable activities or just a creative idea to get money to keep their projects alive; that is called crowdfunding. Well, remember the fantasies we had? We have XXX fantasies, yes these naugthy or kinky stuff we would like to do, but can't. Maybe shooting our own porn movie, or getting to get laid with our favorite pornstar, or arranging a bukake with our friends with that money-oriented bitch that takes us as idiots, or just girls who need money for going to college what do not want to start a carreer in porn and decide to trade money for personalized pictures or videos for the ones donors of money.

Here I present you this site that is going to help us copy the fantasy from the dream folder and paste it into the reality was launched this year and was created by a group of men that felt that if people funds some needs through other websites, why can't people donate money to help others give birth to their sexual fantasies. Remember the Law of Attraction? Well, everybody can help you get to what you want, besides that all in the world is energy and Kharma is going to get you, so help me today, I will help you tomorrow.

How does it work? well, some people needs some money, othe people around the world has that money. The idea is to offer some retribution (pledges) to the donors if they help you fund your project. Pledges may vary from amounts donated. This is how Crowdfunding works. Want to know more? I could talk to Alex, one of the founding fathers of the site. So if you are interested in fulfulling your sexual fantasy and would like to know how can do it, read the following interview.

Raven_Azrael Can you explain us what is the site about and how can it benefit the fans of porn?
Alex At GoGoFantasy, we allow users to raise funds for adult projects in areas related to porn, fetish, kink, fantasies and more. Basically, project posters build a campaign where they ask the GoGoFantasy community for funding in exchange for GoGoRewards. These rewards can include anything from photos, video, live webchats or webcam sessions or articles of clothing. Depending on the project and the creativity of the project poster, the reward can be anything as long as it is legal!  

Raven_Azrael  How did you come up with the idea?
Alex As people, we all have sexual fantasies and fetishes that we would love to make real. Our idea came from the realization that with the internet, individuals can help fund and share in the experience of others and make their own. How cool it would be if you can watch porn that you helped create and showed interest in the content of. Fundamentally, we want to bring democracy to the world of porn, fetishes and sexual fantasies.  

Raven_Azrael  Still there is some people skeptical about crowdfunding. How can you assure them they will not have any issue with their cards or how can they know they are really doing to the project they are clicking on the site?
Alex We use CCBill for credit card processing, which is an industry standard for the adult world including many popular porn sites. Our site is fully secure and no one other than CCBill ever gets hold of the credit card numbers, not even us! So each transaction is as safe as any other online transaction we do.

Yes, we screen our project posters and make sure they are serious about their project and fulfilling the requirements. Some posters are famous photographers or adult stars so their reputation is the best guarantee of their desire to keep their fans happy and supporting them.

Raven_Azrael  Why do you think people would donate to the projects? what are the best pledges do you think someone can give them?
Alex If a GoGoFantasy relates to a project they browse and wishes to be part of it, then then can make a small donation to do that or even communicate with the project creator via our messaging board to influence the project at a personal level.GoGoFantasy is about building a community of like-minded adults who wish to fund and share in each other's experiences.
The best pledges are personalized ones that are available in limited numbers. These include photos, webcam sessions or physical items from the project fantasy.

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Raven_Azrael  If projects don't meet the goal, what do project creators and donors get? Is it possible to re-promote the same project?
Alex If a project meets its funding goal, we release funding to it at the end of the campaign and the project creator then begins work to do the project as promised. Once it is done, the project creator can reach out to the project backers (funders) through email or the messaging system on our site and share with them the promised rewards. Although we have not yet seen a project creator post the same project twice, we would consider it depending on how interesting it is. 

If a campaign does not reach its minimum funding target, the funding is returned to the individual accounts of the project funders that they can use to fund other projects or get a refund. 

Raven_Azrael  How much is the commission you charge to the campaign meeting the goal?
Alex  Our commission for projects is 5% plus credit card transaction fees. In the adult world, which the credit card banks consider "high-risk", these fees are high, as much as 15%. So we really don't make much profit. Our goal is more to build a good, supportive community for porn, fetishes and fantasies rather than making ourselves into millionaires.

Raven_Azrael  What kind of projects do you prefer promoting or what is the niche? I mean I checked the site and found a guy wanted to film his sex encounters, a crazy fuck party. Would we find someone tring to start his own porn company?
Our slogan is "Anything goes. Nothing is off-limits". If a project is creative, bold and interesting, we will consider it. We will not censor anybody unless it is something illegal like child pornography or bestiality etc.

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Raven_Azrael Do you evaluate projects?
Alex Yes, all projects go through a rigorous evaluation for novelty, appeal, creativity and the ability/reputation of the project creator to accomplish the proposed project.

Raven_Azrael What if the project creator meets the goal but does not keep the promise and does not execute the project or send the pledges promoted?
Alex Like all crowdfunding services, there is always a risk that project promises will not be kept. On GoGoFantasy, we will ban such users from our site and ensure that they do not repeat such fraud.

Raven_Azrael  Most of you core business may be USA. Do you have project from other countries? 
Alex Currently, all of our projects are from US users but we hope that as news about our service spreads, we can expect more international users and projects.

Raven_Azrael  What if there is no paypal option in their countries? How would they get the money? would there be an option maybe that you charge them a bit extra and send the money through a check transfer?
Alex We can disperse funds using either PayPal or direct bank transfers. We do not issue checks due to  potential fraud problems.

Raven_Azrael How many projects do you see promoting by the end of May?
Alex We hope to have at least 25 projects or more on our site by the end of May, depending on how much publicity we can get and how effectively we can spread word about GoGoFantasy to the world!

Raven_Azrael  What would you like to say to the fans to join  GoGoFantasy  for creating projects and for the ones donning?
Alex Be Naughty. Be Nice.  GoGoFantasy  adds spice! As adults, we all have sexual fantasies, fetishes or a taste for porn in our lives. With the power and freedom of the internet, we can connect with like-minded individuals to share our fantasies/fetishes/kinks with others, raise funding, make our dreams a reality and share it all back with the world. Nothing is more beautiful than to be a part of a community for our most intimate passions and their realizations. 

Thank you Alex and I wish you much success with the website, I am sure many people out there have some dirty things in mind that they want to make reality, me included. I will try to crowdfund my Serial Facilizer. would you fund it? Check it out and comment
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