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The serial facializer.. pitching my web porn series

New Sensations, Digital Playground and other porn companies are miling the cow of XXX parodies and moving porn into a new direction. The concept has been well received by porn consumers. As some of the people that have followed my blog since the blogbugs incarnation may know, I love porn, wrestling and writing. OK, let's take out wrestling this time, so having the opportunity to write storylines for a porn movie is something I have wanted. Not only the typical Arrive-Fuck-Cum-Leave scene, but to have characters and actually making the fuck scenes more important. Last year I created the story "The Serial Facializer". Tried to contact some companies, but it is difficult to get noticed with no previous experience and not being 100% percent good at my second language. An indy production got interested, but they couldn´t get the money to start serious talks. This is the reason I want to re-start pitching my series and maybe someday in the near future managing to shoot a pilot episode. I was told that porn girls are difficult to work with sometimes and they struggle to memorize  and say convincinly a line that says "fuck me hard". Anyway I believe in my project and hope you do to. Ladies and gentleman, with you The Serial Facializer.

"Tonight is the night, it is going to happen, has to happen" Dean talks in his head while grabbing a condom, a his professional photo camera, a teddy bear and watching at his beloved new victim of the spell...
That is how the show begins.

Dean is a guy with no emotions, not attached to anything. Girls do not like him because he is too serious and akward in his behavior. After he loses his job he gets to do the thing his grandma taught him to do, make teddy bears. He feels stupid doing so. All girls mock him for being there, but still they go to the store. However, he suddenly discovers that any girl who buys him one or he gives her one free falls suddenly in love with him for some hours so he can fuck her all the way until the magic is gone and they feel terrible, but can?t tell anyone because of the shame

His personality -dexter morgan type- with no feelings and kind of serial fucker (instead of serial killer) makes him follow his own code with 3 simple rules to feel satisfied when he fucks the girls
1. Fuck her tits if the girl is busty
2. Fuck her anally
3 Cum all over her face (he takes a picture of the girl cummed on as his trophy and keeps it in her computer)

Everything goes fine until he meets the girl of his dreams (which should be a girl who has never done hc, I will try to contact and save money for one of the following.... Ewa Sonnet, Ines Cudna, Anna Song AKA Tanya Song, Angela White, or other with similar body) however she hates teddy bears and the "magic" does not work with her. He constantly tries to ger her, but needs to get to know what would work and become friends. However, she has a bf (she has never even let him touch her breast yet) who suspects Dean has something in the teddy bears and gets to a female police to try to catch him before Dean seduces the main girl, as facials are the most humiliating thing in the "series universe".

I am thinking on bringing girl like Gianna Michaels, Sara Stone, Phoenix Marie for the first episodes and then some amateurs, then moving to girl who have not being facialized before as well as trying to bring back some retired girls as Hanna Hilton AKA Hannah Hilton, Christy Marks, Jenna Doll.

I have the storylines for 13 episodes. It is a kind of project never done and may be expensive, but want to hear your comments, the consumers. Thank you.

What do you think of it? please comment here or send me an email or go to the freeones forum

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