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Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden "Taking Out the Trash" - Ep. 6.6 Dont forget you can also submit by Tweeting this: Im nominating #OJBG @OJBishopsgarden for #BestEnsembleCast @streamys OR Im nominating #OJBG @OJBishopsgarden for #BestDramaSeries @streamys

Don't throw your trash in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard. Don't throw your trash in my backyard-- my backyard's full.

Time for some female bonding x 4-- in the form of Sarah, Alex, Chloe, & Cassandra. Throw in some waxy old school candy. Throw in a gorgeous secret clubhouse/condemned building. Throw in some advice. Throw in some "reindeers gracefully leaping into the parents..." (WTF?)
But who's catching here?

Sarah and Cassandra try to unhinge Alex's stage fright -- in the hopes that maybe Alex can sing back-up at their band's first concert. But what is Chloe doing here?? No one remembers her at auditions. She doesn't know camp songs and she doesn't like candy -- can we trust this girl?

The crumbs of Sarah's awkward rebound are invading band practice, her personal space AND Cassandra and Alex's yearning time to be with Sarah. Hopefully Sarah can say something. And hopefully Chloe remembers her fiance Adrian yearning for her back at home.

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