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Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan topless

A picture of Lady Gaga posing topless along with Donatella Versace has surfaced. Gaga may not the the big bust girl we all are used to in this blog, but I was always curious about how her tits would look like So here is the picture.

Also I wanted to share a pic of busty redhead Lindsay Lohan, who in reality seems to be a sex freak. I am wondering why she does not have a porn already. Hopefully before 2014.  Please Kim Kardashian, you have to tell her that a leaked sex video will boost her career.

In a final note, did you know that Kate Middleton has a cousin that posed for playbloy? Yeah a girl in New York who earns her beans stripping in a club is related to Princess Kaherine. This girl used her fame and Playboy paid her well, know she has her 15 minutes of fame and tons of fans. she is not busty, but her face is pretty, though.

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Lady Gaga and her pink nipple
 Katrina Darling for you. She has no big tits, but I would do her any day or Follow her @Katrina_Darling
 Lohan and her big tits. she worked with James Deen (porn actor). 
Hopefully they work again, but in porn

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