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Tribute to Danielle FTV aka Danielle Delaunay

Danielle appeared in the adult world in 2008. Her first most notable work was as part of Her beauty and natural made her stand out from the rest girls of site (some famous girls that were part of the FTV family were Gianna Michaels, Cassandra Calogera, Haley Cumming, Lia and more) so she started her own site Danielle FTV under Rob's FTV umbrella.

Perfect bride
I found out about Danielle in September 2008 and I started a non porn related blog that month. She was my first interviewee. There she told me some interesting facts that I think I can share: She lost her virginity to a boyfriend at 15, got her first tatoo while being 16. When she first applied for FTV she was not contacted back as the pictures she sent were thumb nail size, so after some time she send other pictures and the rest is known story.

Danielle in some modeling pics, looks astonishing

Danielle was the perfect girl anyone would like to meet. Her kindness and cute looks were the additional ingredient a girl in the adult business needs in order to get fans not only watch the scenes or wait for the new ones. Fans are caring and feel relevant to Danielle making her feel she does not only has fans, but friends. Her site, more precisely her forum was the meeting place where she shared her feelings and keep fans updated on her whereabouts, decisions; opening her heart to a bunch of guides that had some love to give.

Danielle's status in the adult business was going up. She became a regular in the freeones forum and each day more fans were excited to see more of her. You know porn fans, they (we) are like wrestling fans, smart marks that want to know everything about the favorite girl and if they do not know something, they complete it with the information they just deduce. Danielle was doing softcore, inserting all kind of objects in her vagina. Some fans wanted hardcore, somes didn't . However, Danielle had already perform boy/girl. She had an amateur allure video where she swallows the guy sperm in 3 ocassions.

Danielle on
Danielle getting the prize

Some fans were disheartened, some like me, were eager for more. Then a video from Homegrown Video came out "Big breast Amateur girls 12" The video was a surprise to literally everyone. I personally find that scene one of the best ever. Maybe it was the expectation of watching the Danielle from FTV ( innocent and playfull) getting fuck and having orgasms in front of the camera. Maybe it was her sexy clothes. Maybe it was watching those big tits I dreamt about every night, getting fuck and jizzed on. I only was with the feeling that a facial was missing.
Sharing the hot scene

Danielle slowly ventured into boy/girl for her own site. She started with an innocent blowjob, moving to titty fuck, penetration and even has anal now. Nowadays you can find at Danielle FTV  a bondage scene, where she takes the submissive role. 

On side notes. in 2010 I run a contest to name the Queen of "Boobs' Realm" where she was the runner-up with Merilyn Sakova taking the eventual crown. (there is gonna be a new version of the contest before the end of the year, hopefully with sponsors to award the winner, but this is not confirmed yet). In addition, she had a cameo on Mainstream movie "Middle Men" 

Danielle performing hardcore for her site Danielle FTV
She is a great player i the adult business world; however, she considers to further her career. This is why she considered that Danielle FTV, despite being a nice name is not the most accurate one for a pornstar. She has chosen a last name "Delaunay". I just google the name and found there is a singer that is also named Danielle Delaunay. You can check this site here

I would be glad to see Danielle having crossover with other sites. I hope she does good and has a successful career.  I have not have contact with Danielle in months. I know we have had are disputes, but anyway, she was the first girl I interviewed and I remember got to meet her online in her first year, so it is amazing how things went in 4 years. To end the story, I remember when some fans who were members of the forum wanted to make a video of each for Danielle's birthday. I had problems with my cam and some personal problems and could never shoot the video greetings on time. Anyway, thanks Geezer (member of the forum).

Danielle in one of those candid pictures
Danielle's natural beauty and angelic aura is on the path to stardom. If you wanna be part of it just check Danielle FTV and get to contact one of the kindest girls in the business, as she began interaction with fans even before twitter and facebook pages.

Hugs?... I would love more with you Danielle

Danielle waiting for you in her bed

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