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Interview with Silvia Valencia, Spanish busty pornstar

Silvia Valencia is the name of a young 21 years old Spanish girl who claimed to fame in the well known Spanish site Putalocura. Silvia is a really hot girl who owns a pretty face and a rack to die for. I could contact her and interview her so the fans around the world get to know some stuff more. She is a very nice girl who loves to keep in contact with her fans as you can see on her twitter @SilviaValenciaX
You wanna know more about this rising star? If you are a fan, you will have to get her into your top 10 new busty girls. If you are a producer you should contact her, as she always gives her best in every scene. She is curently one of top  girls So ladies and gentlemen, with you Silvia Valencia.

Pretty angelic face Silvia

Raven_Azrael: When and why did you decide to become a pornstar?
Silvia Valencia: In January 2011. I wanted to make a complete turn in my life. It was the first idea I had. I don’t know why. I googled  “how to become a pornstar”  and Torbe was the first that came up in the search.

Raven_Azrael: What do your family and friends think about your career choice?
Silvia Valencia: Some accept it, others just turn their eyes off me.

Raven_Azrael:  Your first scenes were for Torbe for putalocura. What other sites have you worked for?
Silvia Valencia: Mmm100, leche69, , bangbros

Raven_Azrael: You also do camshows. Do you have any anecdote?
Silvia Valencia: The one that comes to my mind first is related to sneakers and socks. The guy just got such a turn on while watching me holding sneakers and socks for him. That was all that turned him on

Raven_Azrael: This is Boobs' Realm son tell me, what is your bra size? When did they start growing?
Silvia Valencia: Impertinent! (laughs). I am now 120 (which seems to be like 38DD in USA. I don't know but they are heavy). I don't remember what age I was, but it was during high school.

Silvia share her big boobs with us

Raven_Azrael: I saw once an interview of your in which you said you would never do anal on film. Why?
Silvia Valencia: Well, it depends on each peson. I personally don't like it. I have tried, because you have to try things to decide if you like them or not. 

Raven_Azrael: What is the most difficult part of being a porn actress' and what is the best part?
Silvia Valencia: The most difficult thing is to be accepted by people. What I like the most if the freedom while having sex.

Raven_Azrael: Do you have any fantasy to fulfill in porn?
Silvia Valencia: Sure, but I haven't found someone with a yatch yet (laughs)

Silvia squirting from Putalocura

Raven_Azrael: Lately, more and more Spanish girls are turning into pornstars. Do you think that girls are more liberal in Spain now? or does it happen as a result of the economic crisis?
Silvia Valencia: No, sex still is and always will be a taboo (in Spain). Nobody is liberal when it happens close to your family and friends. And the fact that there are more girl now..hmm,. I don't know, maybe some may see it as a way out to make money

Raven_Azrael: How is a normal day in your life?
Silvia Valencia: Very quiet, despite what many may think. I love strolling and watching movies while eating pop corn. Porn take up much time of my life, but not all. I also study french and japanese

Raven_Azrael: Torbe is famous for fucking hot girls despite having a tiny penis. Do you think size matter? length or width?
Silvia Valencia: It depends. On camera everything is visual. So what looks better in movies for the audience is what is better for porn.

Raven_Azrael: As a busty girl, you know that every guy would stare at your breasts wishing to get a titty-fuck. How does that make you feel?
Silvia Valencia: Well..... it is a mixed of flattering and fear. You don't know what may hide behind a look at your cleavage.

How can we not love Silvia... Come on, sit in here...hehe
Raven_Azrael: What are your plans short-term and long-term
Silvia Valencia: I would love to shoot outside Spain, preferably in the USA.

Raven_Azrael: If you would have to have a threesome with a porn girl and guy, who would you choose?
Silvia Valencia: Gianna Michaels and Harry Louis

Raven_Azrael: You have a blog and twitter so you can contact fans. What is the weirdest thing or dirtiest a fan has ever sent you?
Silvia Valencia: No offense to the one who sent it, but once a 19 year old guy with 30 cms penis (12 inches) sent me a picture in a perfect position where he was giving himself a blowjob.

Silvia getting a bukake from Putalocura

Raven_Azrael: This question is a must. Spit, Swallow or facial?
Silvia Valencia: I do the three of them, but I prefer to swallow.

Raven_Azrael: Thanks for the interview Silvia. I hope you do well and your career keeps on rising. Would you like to add anything to your fans reading the interview?
Silvia Valencia: Thanks to you. I would like to tell them to check me on Kisses to all!

BTW guys, here is an interview a guy did with her. It is in Spanish

and check her in

Imagine if that dick is yours. Silvia would suck it like a champ

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