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Reviewing the Annie Keenan myth

Annie Keenan is the name of the teenager that got herself to reach internet stardom through sneaking some pictures of her. What was so special about a young lady posting pictures online? The answer can be summarized into: THE BIGGEST TITS ON EARTH. Nobody knows how the pics were taken or why exactly; however, there was a curious thing about each and every photo. Her massive juggs were completely hidden. No cleavage could be seen. A tee was beneath the superior tee and skin was cover. Speculation began. Are her tits real? Is she the biggest fake? Was she an attention whore who used stuffed bras and bought a ridiculous quantity of XL clothes and took dozens of pictures just to fool everybody? Haven't anybody thought that Annie Keenan may be a play of Anekee, the busty girl from Holland who also was a myth in 2008-2009 and then proved to be real? Was everything real? 


Annie showing the macromastia. Her back is not proportional to let her even be stood up

Google, yahoo, metacrawler, megavideo, youtube search bars were "attacked" by Annie Keenan's fans looking for more. Some guys thought it was the appropiate time to take seriously the enlarge penis ads to start their fantasies about titty-fucking little- Huge-Annie. The snowball went bigger. You always would find an anonymous guy who testified going to school with her and asuring the realness of the meat melons. Others swore they knew someone that had a friends whose neighbour met someone that dated her and told stories about the almighty bazzongas and the iron nipples. Finally, the more sensible ones stated the bigger-than-head boobs were just fake. The girl fooled everyone and is laughing of all the big boob lovers around the world.

However, she posted some pictures that showed she had big boobs. Some cleavage and even bra and panties picture appeared and all broken hearted guys who almost cut his dick product of frustration (and excesive use in the bathroom) started to glue their hopes. Annie's tatas may had been real, again. So, not happy with this story, Annie ( or whatever her real name muight be) created an account were she was telling her friends she was getting a boob reduction. This crime against humanity apparently took place in 2010. Check the following extract from the facebook page (look at her cleavage boobs, they looked big, but not that huge).
Facebook conversation

Big, but not that HUGE!

Then the almost flat-chest new Annie posted a picture where she was a shadow of her former self. Huge boobs gone, the myth dissapeared and the wankers were virtually killed. No more Annie. However, on May 2012 someone just wanted to stir the fun (bags) and emailed some newspapers in Latin America (not so serious btw, because nobody did research) telling them there was this 17 yeas old girl named Ellie Jaycock (smart anglophones, Jay-Cock) who had so much pain because her chest was growing and nobody could stop it that she was in constant pain. Ellie Jaycock became a most googled term in Latin America. Many guys wanted her to do porn and history repeated. So someone used the Annie Keenan myth, made piracy of it and fooled more people. This was not all...

Annie, post "supposed" surgery

The youtube user "ceelojr3" posted a video in 2010 about Annie story and how she made us fall into her lie. What happened in 2012? An account from Ellie Jaycock contacted the guy and demanded he took down the vids using her personal pics. So we have someone faking a fake name asking to take down pictures of a girl that pretended to be busty for the sake of joking?

Here a "naive" who felt in the Elli Jaycock scam

This story has been covered in many forums and even the site (amazing name if you think about it) which helps busty girls feel more comfortable with their big chests covered the legend and had a debate about the realness of Annie's boobs. So now, I am gonna say what most may have said, but come on, let's put this to rest.

- Annie´s boobs were so huge that she needed extra clothes to help her hold up her juggs. Ok, understandable, but did she need to use so many clothes at the beach? Had this girl ever take a shower naked? So, fake boobs.
- If her boobs were so massive, wouln't her nipples gotta be big? We never got to see hard nipples, no shape, no nothing. So, fake boobs.
- If she had a back problem and her life was so miserable, why did she took all those pictures and smiled like her tits were lightheavy? Even recorded some youtube videos bouncing and dancing? Wouldn't that hurt? So, fake boobs.
- There have been many guys and girls that claimed to be her friend. Don't these guys have facebook? Why wouldn't anybody see a picture of them with Annie? So, fake boobs.
- There are tons of fake facebook profiles of her. If you were Annie, would you let many people use your name and your pics and add friends and talk about your infamous boobs like they were like any other stuff? So, fake boobs.
- So Annie Keenan, if you are the real one, why don't you shut us up and explain the real story? You have been one of the top amateurs of all time, because of the impact you made, but I am asking you to come out and talk to prove doubters wrong or support the theories. Even, the top busty amateur of all time Winter Pierzina did an interview with me and clarified her story

Here a videos from the user who analyzed the story

So, do you think she was that big? Here more pics

Left: Annie wearing her prom dress. Right: Guy using Annie's tits as pillows

If real, this guy may have been the luckiest in the history of the world

 If she inhales she will fall face down

She could had won the hiddenfeet gold medal

Annie wore the stuffed bra everywhere.
If those were that huge, she would not be able to walk 

New Annie, without boobs

Holly hand!

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