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Blog dedicated to Leanne Crow

Hi guys. Leanne Crow is one of the bustiest and hottest girls around. She has so many fans around the world, that she almost gets the celebrity label. Her natural big boobs have made all big tits lovers take notice and follow her career. Some want her to do full frontal nude, others move to hardcore, while some want her keep the track she is following. Well, among the fans around the world, there is this french guy who has created a blog dedicated exclusively to Leanne. His blog

It is not usual that a blogger posts about another putting him over and posts about his blog. However, I have to admit that doing an exclusive blog for just one model is not an easy task. Constantly updating is a hard work and with only one model, the task becomes more dificult. This guy has launched a well structured blog.

Lets give him credit. Leanne is one of my top 5 girls at the moment. I know what is to be almost in love with a model and I understand that he (as I would love to, too) wants an interview with her.
Wish you the best buddy, hope your blog does well.

PS: Check LeanneCrow official site HERE

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