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Why do we love big boobs?

That is a really good question. Actually is a basic question that women may think more often than men. Men only loves big boobs, or at least the vast majority. Some women with small breasts feel uncomfortable when a big breasted girl is next to them, because of the fact that all stares are directed to said girl's goods and the poor flat chested is just an after thought. When women check a bit titty girl on the street, they stare at them as often as guys do. Why is that?

Some psycologhist states that we (men) are in the quest of girls that inspire us motherhood. However, in my personal opinion, motherhood is the last thkng that comes to my mind when looking at Angela White or Merilyn Sakova. (no offense, I would happily marry them, but sexual, instint, naugthy fantasies come first).

We just believe that bigger is better. That is the reason nickname like fun bags, ballons, basketballs come from. We don't call them heavy protuberances, milk cysts or naything like that, cause we LOVE BIG BUSTY GIRLS.

So I wanted to share with you some interesting item I found on Amazon, that may enlighten you on this matter. Click on them to check the details

DVD - Boobs: An American Obsesion

Maybe a short story bout a busty Red Riding Hood

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