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Run! Bitch Run! (2009)

Things go horribly wrong when Catherine and Rebecca, two Catholic School girls, knock on the wrong door while selling Religious paraphernalia. Catherine and Rebecca are two Catholic School girls going door-to-door selling Religious paraphernalia in order to pay for their books and education. Things go horribly wrong when they knock on the wrong door in the wrong neighborhood. "Run! Bitch Run!" is a throw back to the classic rape and revenge films like The Last House on the Left and Ms. 45.
Run! Bitch Run!,  2009 movie Lesbian Sex Female Masturbation Lesbian Cunnilingus
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Director: Joseph Guzman
Writers: Joseph Guzman, Robert James Hayes II
Starrings: Christina DeRosa, Cheryl Lyone and Peter Tahoe
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: September 25, 2009
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