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Ala Passtel aka Karin Spolnikova

Ala Passtel aka Karin Spolnikova might be one of the hottest underrated euro girls. She retired some time ago and then vanished.  I tried to contact her in 2010 in order to interview her for my blog. Unfortunately, the interview was never done, but she politely declined saying that she would not give interviews. I liked that attitude, because she was not like many models or pornstars that never reply back or agrees and then leaves the other person waiting for answers for months.

I think this is the only time she did a photoshoot showing her forehead

My friend, who now runs had a blog dedicated to her. She is one of those few girls that you automatically can fall in love with at first sight. I may be exagerating, but she is the kind of girl that you like so much and see as an innocent princess that you would not mind if she stays in softcore. For reasons unknown I have wanted some girls to turn hardcore like Merilyn, Ewa Sonnet, Denise Milani, Jana Defi and it would be a dream to watch them perform at that level, but Ala Passtel was so angelic that the only hardcore I would like to see her would have been with me.

As I said, she is retired and probably will not be comming back. Years have passed and there is a possibility she does not even look the way she does in this pictures. This post is a tribute for this Czech girl who may be now 27 years.

Before posting the pictures, just let me tell you which companies you should check for more of her

XX-Cel where she had many amazing pictures. Seen Cel sucking those tits would convert him into the most envied man on Earth where she performed as Gabriela
also had apearances fr Playboy, Met-Art, MC Nudes and Perfect 10.

 Always an angel. I was told she is sweet girl in real life, too

She is delicious even with clothes 
 Poor photographer
 Meassuring her boobs. She keeps them for her
Perfect scene when you arrive home after work
 Squeezing her boobs. Look at the the size of her magnificent tits
 Natural beauty, having fun while working

Can you find 5 differences? hehe

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