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Kim Kardashian, Meg White and more celebrities get fucked

We always enjoy watching a hot girl with a big set of tits getting fucked. But when the girl we are watching is someone we know or a celebrity, there is that "it" that makes us more curious and horny. Sometimes the celebrity in the sex tape is not our favorite, but the fact that we are able to see something we are not able to witness produces in us great expectation, increasing our "hornyness" searching for more and watching tje celebrity with different eyes.

In my particular case, Kim Kardashian never was a favorite. I prefered the big ass of Caroline Pierce and if we talk about tits, they are nice, but Christina Hendrix is #1 in my celebrity ranking. Kim's face without make is nothing special. However, when I found out there was a sex tape, imagining her sucking cock, getting her big tits fucked and her ass hammered became almost an obsesion.
But, consider that she is not my favorite, but I would bang her if had the opportunity.

I found the video on
How much money did Kim got for allowing showing the vid? Would we raise the same amount and hire her for another one before gravity's toll?

The case of Megan White, drummer of the White Stripes was different, a short clip arose, but she denied being her.The celebrity alleged that the girl in the video was pornstar Natasha Nice. Nobody confirmed nor denied it. I used to be a huge fan of Nastasha and can tell that she has a fit body, while the girl in the video is a little chubby. Make you own conclusions.

Megan you wanna play with my drum sticks? I would make you pussy give a concert!

Pamela Anderson is the mother (now grandmother) of celebrity sex tapes. Probable the most famous leaked video is hers along with Tommy Lee. It is part of popo culture and subject of many jokes and references. However, the former Baywatch beach-jumping blonde made another video, this time having sex with another rock has been. Bret Michaels, from Posion got to test Pamela oral skills and fuckable capacity overall.

Sorry for the quality, this is what I get. She was porn material

I hate watermarks, but they do not prevent us to watch former WWE diva Candice Michelle ( starlet) doing what she does better than wrestling: Getting fucked! unfortunately, they are softcore videos, but at least they make us want her to bodyslam her and punish her so hard till she tap outs as we unleash our fury inside her.

Candice, this is the definition of Three-Way-Dance

Last but not least, and following wrestling road Chyna (Joanie Laurer) crossed the line between porn and wrestling. She was not featured in the WWE girls in porn? post as she was the obvious case. Now I show you a video I found while navigating through Some may like her, others don't. She is not in my list of girls to watch getting fucked. I am not X-Pac , but here is  short video of her debut official movie Backdoor to Chyna.

Chyna, bad quality and a hot girl

Celebrities are making videos more often. sometimes they seem to be made just to seek attention, in other cases, a dickhead jackass disgrunted ex boyfriend shares the vid or some smart hackers manage to get the videos. No matter what is the reason celebrities are getting fucked and the world is staring. Who do you think would be the next one? Cast your vote. Only time will tell who is right.

The choices for next celebrity sex tape are: Miley Cirus, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis, Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson. My pick is Katy Perry.

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